How It Work

  • Starting a fundraiser is easy and free.
  • Even if you’re unable to raise the target amount, the funds raised will still get disbursed to you.
  • Select a category for the fundraiser and set a goal amount.
  • You can use pictures and videos to make your fundraiser unique.
  • Our content and designing team will help you bring your page to life.
  • Share the link and the name of your fundraiser with your family and friends
  • Ensure you spread your fundraiser link with others as much as possible to create awareness.
  • You will get timely updates on the fundraiser through e-mail and SMS alerts.
  • Collect funds effortlessly through a secure payment system.
  • Reap the results of your fundraiser and thank your supporters for their donations.
  • Make sure you let the contributors know about your progress.

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