FAQs – As A Fundraiser


Q. What is crowdfunding and how does it work?

Crowdfunding helps raise money for a social cause or mission or project by collecting contributions, both small and large, from people through the Internet. This platform empowers people to create an online fundraiser for their needs to gather funds and/or help from others across the globe.

Q. What documents are required to run a fundraiser on YouInspire?

While running a fundraiser on YouInspire is an easy activity, it is important that you submit certain documents so as to ascertain your authenticity and intent.

  • NGOs: If you’re raising funds for an NGO, you will be asked to submit your 12A certificate and 80G certificate. In case you wish to go global and accept foreign donations as well, you would be asked to share your valid FCRA certificate.
  • Individuals (Medical Causes): If you, as an individual, wish to raise funds for medical expenses, then you will be required to submit the patient’s identity details alongside test reports, hospital/clinic name, doctor’s name and other contact details. You will also have to share the beneficiary’s bank account details as well.
  • Individuals (Other Causes): If you, as an individual, wish to raise funds for other personal causes, you will be required to share identity proof and bank account details. Additionally, if you have any other documents that would support and validate your fundraising needs, you could provide them as well.

Q. What are the things I should do before launching my fundraiser?

  • Understand the objective of your fundraiser.
  • Gather necessary information for your fundraiser project.
  • Gather pictures and videos (if any) that are relevant to your fundraiser project, which can help communicate your story to a potential donor/viewer.
  • If you are uploading a video, ensure that it is no longer than 2 minutes. The video must be powerful enough to communicate your cause or project.
  • Ensure you share the project link with your dear and near ones, not just to get the donation project started, but to gain momentum and spread the word. Your friends and family together can become your support group for the cause.

Q. How long does it take to create and launch a fundraiser?

The overall process of creating and launching a fundraiser takes not more than 15 minutes on YouInspire. It could take longer only if you wish to add more valuable information and details than requested. Adding more information is always better and we encourage you to add as much information as possible on the project.

Q. How long can I run a fundraiser on YouInspire?

A fundraiser on YouInspire runs anywhere between 1 to 3 months

Q. What happens if my fundraiser isn't successfully funded?

There may be situations when you may not be able to achieve your fundraising goal. Nonetheless, during times like these, you will, without a doubt, receive the money your fundraiser has collected from the time it was launched till its closure. However, we must inform you that as stated in the terms and conditions, YouInspire will be deducting a nominal fee amount and GST from the overall amount collected from your campaign.

Q. Can a fundraiser collect more funds than their goal amount?

Yes, fundraisers can collect donations even after reaching their goal amount till the end of the project’s duration.

Q. How long does a fundraiser remain on YouInspire?

Your fundraiser will always remain on YouInspire, but after the expiry of the project, people will no longer be able to donate to it.

Q. Do donors of NGO fundraisers get tax exemption?

Yes, donors of NGO fundraisers get an 80 G tax exemption certificate on YouInspire.

Q. Does my NGO need FCRA certificate to accept foreign funds on YouInspire?


Q. What is a good fundraiser title?

Any title, which is less than 6 words that can communicate the purpose of the project, is a good fundraiser title. The title must also convey a sense of urgency to encourage, if not compel donors to act immediately.

Q. What should I consider when setting my fundraiser goal?

Your fundraiser goal determines and affects the decision of a potential donor. If the amount you’ve put up as your fundraiser goal is too low, donors may not feel the need to donate at all, however, if the amount set is too high, then the donor may feel that his contribution will not make a difference. Hence, an ideal fundraiser goal must be between Rs. 1-10 Lakhs, which has the highest probability of being achieved. You can always start small and discuss with your account manager at a later stage to increase the goal amount if required.

Q. What's a fundraiser URL?

It is a unique link to the fundraiser profile or page you have created, that you can share with others through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or WhatsApp, Email and so on. This will help spread the word about your fundraiser, so it can reach more donors.

Q. What should I cover in my fundraising story?

A good fundraiser story must have all the critical details of the cause which will encourage a person to donate. You could add details of the beneficiary, the cause, the beneficiary’s need for funds and how a person can help by making a contribution.  

Q. How can I upload photos and videos to my fundraiser page?

While creating your fundraiser, you will have to upload photos and videos (if any) to support your cause. The size of the photos must be 700 pixels x 400 pixels. In case of videos, you can simply type in the video URL (YouTube/Vimeo) in the URL field.

Q. Can a fundraiser be edited after going live?

A fundraiser’s title, story, photos, videos and goal amount can be edited even after going live. However, these changes will only reflect on your fundraiser page after being approved by YouInspire.

Q. Why do I have to submit my fundraiser for approval?

Every fundraiser on YouInspire has to go through a verification process before it can go live and get an IG approved status. The authenticity of your fundraiser objective is verified alongside the fundraiser story, photos, and videos. Necessary suggestions to enhance the fundraiser will be communicated, if required.

Q. My fundraiser just went live, how do I encourage others to contribute?

We believe that you could start off by adding a small donation yourself and then sharing the link with others over social media platforms. You must understand that the more you share the link and the story, the more people will be encouraged to donate. This helps increase the reach of your fundraiser as well.

Q. How do I know if someone contributes to my fundraiser?

An email notification will be sent to you every time somebody donates to your fundraiser.

Q. If I am unsuccessful, can I raise funds for my cause again?

Yes, you can raise funds for your cause again. Please get in touch with your account manager to understand how things can be done differently next time.

Q. What are the fees to run a fundraiser on YouInspire?

The platform fee for running a fundraiser on YouInspire is 4% for individuals/NGOs and 5% for organizations. The transaction fee is 2.5%. GST is levied additionally.

Q. When do I receive my funds?

YouInspire disburses funds within 7 working days, post completion of your fundraiser.

Q. Can I run a fundraiser for the same project on YouInspire and another platform?

Yes. However, we understand that you may confuse your supporters by directing them to two different platforms for the same cause. This may affect your project and the manner in which people understand it. The marketing over-head costs will also increase. Hence, we suggest and strongly recommend that you choose only 1 platform at a time.

Q. How can my fundraiser feature on the 'Trending Now' and home page?

When your fundraiser begins to gather momentum and starts receiving donations, the page will automatically appear on the ‘Trending Now' page by default.

Q. Who would be my point of contact from YouInspire?

YouInspire dedicates a full-time account manager to each person/NGO/organization, who will then become their single point of contact for all queries or concerns.

FAQs – As A Donor


Q. How can I donate to a fundraiser?

Clicking on ‘Donate Now’ button on the fundraiser page will give you detailed information on online and offline payment options. You can donate online on YouInspire by using your debit or credit card. Else, you can choose the offline payment option to pay via cheque or cash pickup.


Q. I just donated to a fundraiser, what else can I do to help?

You could share the fundraiser page on your social media pages and share the link with all your friends and family members. The more you share, the more people will get to know about the fundraiser.


Q. Is my donation amount publicly displayed?

Yes, your name and donation amount will be displayed on the page. However, you can also opt in to donate anonymously.


Q. Can I contribute to a single fundraiser multiple times?

Absolutely, you can contribute to a single fundraiser numerous times.


Q. How do I know the creator of a fundraiser is who they claim they are?

We have a strict due diligence process before an IG approval is granted to a fundraiser. YouInspire verifies the identity of the campaigner and only then are they given the approval to launch a fundraiser.


Q. Is my donation tax deductible?

As of now, any donation to an Indian NGO is tax deductible. We provide an 80G tax exemption certificate for Indian donors donating to Indian NGOs (80G will be mentioned).


Q. Can I donate to fundraisers from an international card?

YouInspire accepts donations from all cards, both domestic and international.


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