About Us

Every person’s dream is a story waiting to come alive. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have the opportunity and the funds to make their dreams become reality. In a world, where we find passion in leaving a legacy behind, You Inspire comes to one’s aid as a platform that helps a person achieve the dream while ensuring that he is put through the best of help and assistance. Be it a single entity with a dream of his own, or a person with an idea to make this world a better place, You Inspire stands strong with every single one. If you have an idea, thought or a dream to create, build or do something that will change yours or others’ lives, then walk with us and allow us to empower you in driving your initiative ahead.

You Inspire, a crowdfunding platform not only helps you gather the funds that you desire but also ensures that you get the emotional support and the guiding hand while you are at it.

How you can help us

Just call at 91-22–6787–5000/ 01/ 02 to make a donation

Our Vision

Create a world where every opportunity and every dream aligns with one other to encourage every person to dream, plan and work towards achieving the set goal, through You Inspire.

Our Mission

You Inspire builds and crafts newer and innovative methods of raising funds in order to support a determined person to achieve a goal. Aided by the right expertise, tools, and understanding, You Inspire will transform the world into a better place.